Ques: How can you make a new booking?

Use our mobile application or call us or search for your flights and book online on our site. It is as easy as entering your departure dates, origin and destination cities, and clicking the search button. It will showcase many cheap options and you can choose one of many for your trip.

Ques: What if you havent received your confirmation email?

It is possible that your reservation option is displayed online under my booking option. Sign in to the portal and check your previous booking. Other details can be verified by clicking on the Details button. It shows the booking receipt and flight confirmation and from here, you can mail the confirmation to your personal email.

Ques: How do you change your airline booking?

To change your booking with us, just call our customer support. Please note that a fee is charged by the airline for changing your booking, which depends on the date of purchase, date of change, ticket fare rules, etc.

Ques: What is inclusive of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides coverage for theft of important documents, including trip cancellation, passports / visas, lost luggage, compulsory evacuation, terrorism, and other natural disasters if encountered. Please note that there are conditions to the policy and any proof required to claim any insurance.

Ques: Will you be charged for checked bags?

It is essentially airline dependent. Please check and verify the online policies of the airline you are traveling with to know the baggage limits and charges.

Tickets Faq

Ques: Is it possible to request a special meal for my flight?

Note that free meals are not available these days. If you wish to request a meal, request it when booking a ticket or call the airline directly. Please ensure that you have submitted your request at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

Ques: I getting the message that my credit card information does not match the credit card companys records. What can I do?

Name, credit card, zip code, address must be exactly the same as in your credit card statement. Confirm with your credit card company and enter the information in your database. Alternatively, you can try booking through another credit card / debit card.

Ques: How do I book a baby fare?

Infants under 24 months can travel at no charge, unless they are sitting on an adult's lap within the US. Outside the US, however, some percentage of the adult's additional tax must be paid. In case of any inquiry, please contact our customer support.

Ques: How do I select seats?

You can choose seat preferences during booking. Click on seat preferences in the request area. If you have already completed the booking, you can still request a seat by clicking the Request Seat link on the itinerary confirmation mail. Please note that there is no guarantee that the requested seat will be available as it only depends on the discretion of the airline.

Ques: Can I hold a reservation?

It is not possible to withhold reservations against airlines rules. Also, booking tickets at this time should be done as soon as possible so that visible discounts can be availed.


Ques: When can I get my refund?

When the reservation will be canceled on the same day it is booked, the money will be returned to your credit and will not be reflected as a refund. This process will take 3-7 business days. If the airline allows the cancellation of the booking after one day, the airline portion will be returned within 7-14 days, as per bank and airline policies. Refunds have been requested after 48 hours of booking with airlines rules and this usually takes longer.

Ques: What are the many allegations against my account?

This usually happens when multiple passengers or airlines are booked on the reservation. However, the sum total of all the amounts will be equal to the amount you quoted.

Ques: I received a return email that I did not request.

These refunds are about preferred seat assignments that could not be completed by the airline.

Ques: I received duplicate charges for the same ticket on my account.

Please verify with the bank about the duplicate company details where the fee is coming from. After that, please contact with our customer support for further assistance.

Hotels Reservations

Ques: I made a Hotel reservation. What next?

All hotel reservations are accompanied by the generation of a confirmation email with the number assigned by the hotel. All customers are requested to print the confirmation and present it at the time of check-in, along with other required documents.

Ques: What can I do if I need to cancel my hotel booking?

You can easily cancel the online booking but a nominal fee will be charged for the cancellation and the remaining amount will be refunded. You can also contact the customer service department to cancel.

Ques: What can I do if the hotel charges more than my reservation?

The hotel should respect the place that was charged at the time of reservation made in the first place. You can present the printed confirmation as proof and get the hotel correct any amount being overcharged.

Ques: How can I change my hotel reservation dates?

Any date, passenger information, room type is completely vested at the discretion of the hotel. In such a case the customer is requested to contact the hotel.

Ques: How do I add an additional person to my hotel reservation?

Adding a guest to the same room can be done by calling our customer support. If a new room is required, this can be done through a new online booking..

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