Delta Air Lines Baggage Policy: An Important Tips for Baggage Allowance and Fees

Delta Airlines' baggage allowance and policy for general allowances include:

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

The Delta Airlines baggage policy allows you to carry a carry bag with you along with a personal luggage (laptop, purse, briefcase, etc.) on the flight, you can carry it with you during the entire journey, so you only need to use it Things should be kept during the journey you will need that bag. Your carry-on baggage should follow the following requirements:

Check Airlines Baggage or Hold Luggage Policy

In Delta Airline you are allowed to carry 2 bags (4 in Delta Connection) to the destination at no additional charge, provided they are not maintained or overweight. Your bag should not exceed:

  • Size: 62 inches or 157 CM
  • Weight: 50 pounds or 23 KG

  • You can carry up to 10 bags (maximum) by paying an additional baggage fee for each bag.

    Delta Airlines Baggage Fee

    Delta Airline is the major airline in the United States. The airline is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is the largest airline in the world in terms of total number of passengers and maximum number of destinations in every part of the world. The airline has 885 aircraft in its fleet used to operate more than 320 destinations.

    Delta airline is also the sixth oldest airline and is known for its commendable response and high passenger satisfaction. Therefore, if you are traveling with this airline, you can be assured by the services offered as you will not be disappointed.

    In addition, flight booking with Delta Airlines has now become a traditional method with new and updated methods of booking. In addition, everyone wants to make their journey hassle free so that they can also check the delta airlines luggage policy. This will help passengers to know what they have to carry and how much they are allowed. And what are the consequences if additional baggage is carried along.

    Learn what and how to carry with Delta Airlines

    Results exceeding the allowed value

    Passengers will be asked to pay Delta Airlines baggage fees for additional baggage which may depend on various factors. Some factors are the type of travel, your destination, etc. However, additional baggage fees are stated here.

    Within the United States:

  • First checked bag: $ 30 USD.
  • Second checked bag: $ 40 USD.

  • Outside USA:

  • First checked bag: $ 30 USD.
  • Second checked bag: $ 50 USD.

  • Although Delta Airlines allows you to carry up to 10 bags, you will be asked to pay for it. Therefore, Delta Airlines can charge fees ranging from third to tenth and third to 200 USD from tenth to tenth.

    For any information and clarification, travelers are free to reach Delta Airline Customer Support which is active 24/7.

    Know about fees for overweight, oversize and sports baggage in Delta Airlines

    With a fleet size of 885, Delta Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the US based in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Airlines operational flights cover approximately 325 destinations worldwide.

    Passengers flying with Delta Airlines are offered to avail the best services and facilities while on board at the airport. Policies in an airline are designed in such a way that it should be passenger friendly and make travel more convenient. The airline has several policies such as cancellation, check-in, baggage etc., here we are going to discuss about the baggage policy of Delta Airlines:

    Overweight Luggage

    Oversized Stuff

    If a bag has a size greater than 63X115, the passenger will be charged an additional baggage of $ 200 USD. A bag of more than 115 sizes is not allowed in Delta airline flights.

    Sports Equipment

    In this category, golf bags, hockey, skis, etc. can be carried on Delta airline flights, but must also meet weight and dimension limits. There may be some fees applicable for sports equipment carried on the flight.

    For more information about goods or any other service, customer service can be contacted. The support team officials will best assist the passengers.

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